Saturday, May 1, 2010

Crime of the Century (A Son, A Mom, A Bra Division)

MEMPHIS, Tenn. - A Memphis man was jailed on Thursday for allegedly stealing prescription pain pills - from his mother's bra.
  The Memphis Commercial-Appeal reported on April 29 that Charlie Boyd, who is twenty-eight, was discovered by his mother, when she woke before sunrise on Wednesday, to be rifling through her bra, where she stashes her prescription pain medications so that her son, Mr. Boyd - don't you see? - won't unearth and then pilfer them. 
  Commercial-Appeal reporter Cindy Wolff leaves unclear whether or not the mother was wearing the bra when she noticed her son attempting to purloin the pills. If so, well, ew.
  The woman, whom the Commercial-Appeal did not name, tried to restrain Mr. Boyd, but he made off with the goods - in this case, Xanax, one of pharmacology's vaunted vacations-in-a-pill. 
  Mr. Boyd apparently was planning a long vacation. Police searched him after discovering him hiding under a neighbor's sport utility vehicle, and ascertained that he was in possession of twenty-two generic Xanax pills. 
   Later, in Mr. Boyd's room, police found what they said were crack pipes, needles, a spoon with meth on it, other drug paraphernalia, and pills. 
   It is not for us to say, but it sounds like Mr. Boyd (below) may be living with a substance-abuse quandary. This, then, is a sad story. A man's demons possessed him to allegedly steal drugs from his very own sainted mother, and to do it by trifling with her unmentionables. 
  Mr. Boyd's mom was right to find inventive places to stash her medications. But drug addicts are a crafty lot. Therefore, the best place to hide drugs is right next to the truth, because no strung-out addict will go within a mile of that. 

Charlie Boyd


  1. His "sainted" mother taught him what he knows.

  2. Her name is Angela Bond and yes she was wearing the bra