Saturday, October 16, 2010

Stars in the Firmament (Speech-making Division)

   A few years ago, the actress Sharon Stone gave a short speech introducing the Dalai Lama, who was giving an address at the University of California at Berkeley, a school the sports mascot of which is the Golden Bear. The event, held in the outdoor, ten-thousand-seat Greek Theater, drew students, alums, and supporters of the Tibetan leader. 
   Ms. Stone (pictured left) will never be accused of - how is it best put? - living with her feet squarely planted on planet Earth. Her speech that day was inspiring in essence but baffling in execution. As a service to our readers, First of All has transcribed the address as it was recorded on a video now available on YouTube. 
   (The URLs linking to a video strictly of Ms. Stone's address and to one which includes both her and the Dalai Lama's speeches may be found at the end of this post. We would hyperlink them but for the distressing fact that even now, nine months into the existence of First of All, the goddamned hyperlinks disappear from posts within twenty-four hours. We have posted a question about this on a Blogspot discussion forum and eagerly - by which we mean dispiritedly - await answers. In the meantime, keeping in mind the compassion that Ms. Stone and the Dalai Lama tout in their addresses, we will just add this: fuck those assholes at Google.)
   Take it away, Ms. Stone: 

   It's just wonderful to be here in this beautiful open air theater on this glorious, glorious day, for such a wonderful and great opportunity. 
    Um. Wow. Um. It's a great feeling, uh, and we're here at a time when the world is full of so many different emotions and thoughts and feelings and changing times, changing opinions and assignments of thoughts, feelings, emotions, and when we're told that there is a structure of feelings, emotions and changing tides.
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   In fact, we're told that we're in a time of scarcity. But if we look to our genuine selves, our genuine truths, and depart from the illusions of that which is put upon us to that which is within us, of course we know that there is never a scarcity, but that there is a wealth of greatness, and that within us [...... six ...... second ...... pause......] there is much. 
   For every one of us has a dream. Every one of us has a destiny. Every one of us has a giant opportunity. It is upon us to follow our destiny and to fulfill that dream. It's our choice with how much integrity we meet that destiny. There's a giant puzzle in the world and it is ours to take our piece and fulfill that particular piece of the puzzle and glorify the destiny of the universe. 

    [......... Nine .........second ......... pause .........]

   I'm sure each of you sitting here has some beginnings of the understanding of what your dream is, and that's why you've come here today. It's the compassion within your heart, that you're reaching out in the hopes that you can simply let go and end that bit of fear that is restraining you [....... seven ....... second ....... pause .......] from the power of your generosity and wholeness to fulfill yourself as a world citizen. 

   'Cause we're no longer individuals. No matter what you do, you're no longer an individual alone in your tiny space. We now know for certain that we're world citizens, walking together hand in hand to fulfill our destiny as one. And the day is upon us. 
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   Ever practical, Ms. Stone, having offered a few pleasantries to gathered dignitaries, ended by adding this: "And before I go, I have one thing I'd like to say - go Bears!"
   The transcribed speech is, in itself, a wonder, but it really has to be seen to be believed and, as Ms. Stone might say, received. 
   *Ms. Stone's remarks:
   *The full event, including Ms. Stone's and the Dalai Lama's remarks:

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