Thursday, March 17, 2011

LIVE FROM JAPAN--At the Epicenter

TOKYO, Japan--Early this year our college-aged niece boarded a flight from Los Angeles to Tokyo, realizing her dream to spend six months studying in Japan. 
   Alas, dreams have a way of crashing into reality. And/or vice versa. 
   In the past few days, in concert with her folks and school officials, she's been weighing what to do, including whether or not to return home from her quake-ravaged adopted country. 
   And she has been blogging. 
   Her take on the quake and its aftermath is harrowing and riveting and moving. 
   Read it now. You'll find it here. (Scroll down to Saturday, March 21: "Homework Undone, Love Unrequited, and YES, It Is the End of the World This Time...." 
   (If the "here" hyperlink fails, go to:

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