Monday, February 22, 2010

Crime of the Century (Scorched Cheeks Division)

   Amon Carter IV has a totally hot butt.
   At least he did on January 8, according to news reports, when the Texas Christian University sophomore had Greek symbols from his fraternity and a sorority branded onto his buttocks. It happened during a frat/sorority party trip to Breckenridge, Colo. (Carter's face and charred assets are shown here. Why is this man smiling?)
   Breckenridge investigators said that no charges will be filed, as Carter willingly participated in the stunt, which was not a fraternity initiation ritual. Carter will require multiple surgeries on the second and third degree burns covering the cheeks in his lower forty.
   Incidentally, and tangentially, Carter is the great-grandson of Amon G. Carter, Sr., who founded the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. The Carter family is one of the most prominent in Ft. Worth. Carter, Sr., obviously  lived in a simpler time, when branding was reserved for the backsides of cattle, not heirs.

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