Friday, March 5, 2010

Crime of the Century (It's in the Can Division)

   An official in the Mexican town of San Juan del Rio, in Queretaro state, devised what seemed to him a creative punishment for a thirteen-year-old male whom  police caught graffiti-tagging a wall last week: he spray-painted the boy's buttocks. 
   A March 4 Associated Press story neglected to report whether the official, in his newfound capacity as graffiti artist, used the boy's confiscated cannons to execute his end-to-end backjump; whether he wrote wildstyle or with hollows, or fills, or simple tags; and whether, by press-time, the piece was still burning or run-done. 
    Either way, the man, likely tired of his official town duties doling out punishments for petty crimes, seized an opportunity to expand artistically and professionally. Thus his attempt to get up all city. 
   As it turns out, the town's mayor, Gustavo Nieto, apparently is a fan neither of the urban arts nor of renegade castigation styles. He fired the official.
   Adding insult to injury, the mayor declined to name the official to the Associated Press, thus nipping in the bud potential international recognition of the man's nascent tagging skills.   

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