Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Crime of the Century (Tweeker Division)

   Police in Nuremberg, Germany, detained a man whom they discovered preparing to snort methamphetamine (meth, crystal, Tina, ice, etcetera) off of their unmarked patrol car. 
   "He's got horrible luck," police spokesman Bert Rauenbusch quite sensibly told Reuters for a March 2 piece. 
   The man, who is twenty-six, and whom the Reuters report declined to name, was, as the article put it, "lining up the powdered drugs" - i.e., chopping rails - on the car's roof when the police officers happened to walk by. 
   The atypically fact-light Reuters report leaves ambiguous whether or not the man was taken into custody. It is possible, being that this happened outside of a "disco," that police, feeling the spirit of the night, joined the man in inhaling the powder (doing bumps) and partying the night away. 
   But it is unlikely. More likely, the man was taken into custody, at which point his friends who came to bail him out spent the rest of the week pointing at him and laughing hysterically. Friends in the "disco" culture, you see, are notoriously fickle. 

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