Friday, March 12, 2010


   The news moves so fast that it makes one dizzy, or dizzier than one already is. 
   With that in mind, here are some updates to some of yesterday's posts. 

*The man who was arrested recently for allegedly repeatedly raping his five daughters, three of whom between them gave birth to six children, was unnamed by news sources when my post went up. 
   The New York Daily News later yesterday reported that the man's name is Aswad Ayinde (aka the more quotidian Charles McGill), and that - apropos nothing to do with his current cases - he won an MTV video award for directing the video for the Fugees song "Killing Me Softly." 
   The Daily News quotes an ex-girlfriend of Ayinde's saying that, years ago, he'd tell people that his then-grown daughters were his wives. 
   "He was this successful artist who had worked with the Fugees," the ex-girlfriend said. "I was shocked when he told me they were his daughters and that he'd been sleeping with them." 

*As for the case of the human being responsible for allegedly beating a woman into unconsciousness at the New York bar Social, the Huffington Post reported at 5:45pm ET today that a suspect has been taken into custody. The suspect's identity has not been released. An AP television report, below, includes video of a man suspected of the attack leaving Social and, later, strolling the aisles of a convenience store. 

*Finally, one wrote an exhaustive - and exhausting - piece about the Vatican sex kerfuffle. The Associated Press today reported that the - their phrase - "sex abuse scandal" has reached the Pope. 
   Have at it; read with gusto. One remains pooped from yesterday's effort and therefore plans to write not another word about the situation.  

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